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Anything from here to there and anywhere. Whether it’s around the block or across the country… Whether it’s one item or a truckload…Whether it’s a student’s room, electronics, household, business or fine art…

We can pack it, ship it or move it.

A&A Movers, Move Mom & More and Navis Pack and Ship, we are your full-service source for:

  • packaging and shipping supplies
  • packing and shipping
  • all your moving needs

We have solutions to package and ship anything from a single piece to a whole roomful of furniture.



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You can sleep peacefully knowing all of your possessions are fully insured while in our care.


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We offer our clients fair, affordable and transparent pricing. All of our packing, moving and shipping services are offered at competitive market rates.

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Getting a new home or office can be exciting! But nobody likes moving. The boxes, the mess, loading and unloading; it can all be overwhelming and time consuming. Put the enjoyment back into moving and leave the work to the pros at A&A Movers.

Full Service Moving

  •  A World Class Full Service Moving Company
  • Residential and Commercial Moving
  • Free Estimates
  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Guaranteed Pick-up and Delivery Dates
  • Courteous, Experienced Personnel

  • Clean, Protected Storage
  • Family Moving Experts
  • Local, Long Distance and International Services
  • Safe, Secure Handling
  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • Experienced Crews Assure Safe Dependable Moves

Estate Distribution

We make estate distribution safe, easy and convenient for everyone.

The distribution of the many valuable and unique items involved with an estate requires special care and attention. No matter your situation, dispersal of property often involves diverse geographic destinations, unusual and varied items, and deep emotions. Let us help with this task to make it as timely, convenient, secure and economical as possible.

Specialist in special care

Many items in an estate are one-of-a kind. They may be family heirlooms, antiques, artwork, furniture or books – anything from the ordinary to the unusual. They may be destined for many parts of the state, the country or the world.

Our people are specialists in giving these shipments the special care they deserve. We custom package any item from the smallest to the largest – odd shapes and sizes included. From a family photograph to a 100-year-old sofa to a computer system. Nothing is too tough for us. We take care of each and every piece as if it were our very own.

  • Custom crating and packaging by professional, highly skilled experts
  • We ship anything from a single item to a roomful of furniture
  • Specialists in shipping antiques, artwork and electronics
  • Pickup service

  • Free estimates
  • Foam-In-Place packaging technology
  • Packaging for overnight delivery
  • Call on us to help make estate property distribution as easy and convenient as possible for everybody concerned.

Student Moving Services

We help students get all their belongings to and from school or home.

When it’s time to pack up and go home. . .


  •  Summer Student Storage
  •  Custom crating and packing
  •  Shipping – including overnight delivery
  •  Free Pick Up Service For Students
  •  Packaging supplies – boxes, tape, foam
  •  7 to 10 day delivery

Get the best services from our fully insured team. Ask about our 100% quality service guarantee.

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Ask about our special rates for students

Get the best services from our fully insured and licensed team! Ask about our 100% quality service guarantee.

Packing is a hassle. Leave it to the pros at A&A Movers

Moving soon but don't have much extra time? A&A Movers can help you pack your home, condo, apartment or office. We take special care to make sure that all of your possessions are packed with care. We can provide all boxes and packing materials or we can use the ones you provide. Whether your stuff has sentimental value, is fragile, irreplaceable or priceless, the pros at  A&A Movers will make sure your stuff arrives in exactly the same condition it left in. Guaranteed.

We offer specialty packing services for: 

  • Glassware/China
  • Antiques
  • Clothes
  • Fragile objects
  • Artworks
  • Electronics
  • And more

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Moving Advice

Ask questions. You’ll probably have many questions for your mover. Asking these questions will get rid of any unnecessary stress and will help you better understand the moving process.

Check references. The best way to make sure that a moving company is legitimate is to talk with others who have used a moving company before, specifically the one you are going to choose. Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

Be aggressive. To avoid getting cheated by your moving company, stand up for your rights. If you think your estimate is too high or even too low, say something. If the moving company attempts to add additional charges at the end of the move, (ask about any additional charges before hand) explain to them why such charges are unwarranted. Make sure to keep an eye on what is going on so that you can protect your belongings and yourself.

Don’t cut corners. Although price is always important to consider, it should not be the only determining factor. Penny pinching on packing supplies is a sure way to receive broken or damaged items. Doing the same with a moving company is a good way to end up with unsatisfactory service. Many times it is worthwhile to pay a mover to help with packing to insure things are packed as secure as possible. While it may not be necessary to spend top dollar on moving expenses, you don’t want to spend the lowest dollar, as they say you “you get what you pay for”. Paying slightly more will ease your mind and protect your belongings.

Focus. The main key to the most successful move is to stay focused on the tasks at hand and complete them in the most organized fashion. Keeping lists of things to be done for the move will help you stay focused and calm as you soar through the process.

Enjoy the process. Moving may be stressful but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it enjoyable. Gather with your friends and family and reminisce in the memories as you pack or have a nice meal. You won’t believe the difference it makes when you stop stressing and focus on the positive.

Get going. Postponing the inevitable will not help you reach your goal. Doing so may actually make it more difficult in the long run. Instead of dreading the work that needs to be done, dive into it head first. Start getting organized as soon as possible so that you can reduce the stress and get the job done in a timely manor.

Invite friends to help. Packing quickly and efficiently is always possible when you get some help from friends and family. But before you do that make a list of what you have to do. From rooms to items themselves to what you want to pack on your own or have a mover do it, make it clear to your friends from the beginning. After this is done assign each friend or group of friends to a specific room or task but be sure to stay close by to offer any assistance or advice. Make sure to list each item that is going into each box to make it easier to unpack later on. Lastly, enjoy the time together with your friends and family to create memories of a positive moving experience.

Keep lists. The greatest way to stay organized during the moving process is to keep lists (multiple lists if needed). Here are some examples that may be helpful during your move:

  • The pre-move to-do list: Just a reminder of everything that must get done before the moving truck arrives.
  • Upon arrival list: This list will make it easier to get settled in your new home.
  • The other list: This is a list of other things to get done either before, after or during your move but can still get things done if something on this list isn’t done. Examples: clothing or furniture donation, a grocery list for the new home.

Pack carefully. The thought of packing carefully has multiple meanings. First, it is important to pack every item with care so that is does not get damaged in its travels. Especially when dealing with fragile, expensive or sentimental items. Second, make sure to pack intelligently so that the unpacking experience is just as easy if not easier. This would include labeling boxes correctly and making sure they are not too heavy for you to handle. Lastly, keep items from each room together in boxes and not mix and match rooms for more ease in unpacking.

Throw out the junk. Get rid of any clothing you haven’t worn in the last year or so. Donate any unwanted furniture, books or clothing or have a garage sale.

Breathe. Relax and trust in your choice of movers!

Top 5 questions we are asked about moving

1. What is your availability and how soon must I book a mover?

Answer: We Pride ourselves on being able to perform last minute moves. If we can't fit you in we will send you to another reputable mover, a “friendly competitor”

2. How much packing should I do and how much money will is save me to do it myself?

We are the professionals professional. We pack for the utmost protection and ship anywhere in the world antiques, fine artwork delicate collectables as well as machinery and household goods. in the world. We can professionally pack as much of your precious items as you would like, and be sure they are fully protected. Packing cost are based on time and material so the more you do the less it will cost you…… unless your packing is deficient and results in damaged items. Our motto “You have enough to do, Let us pack!”

3. How do you protect my items from damage?

When we oversee your move, all of your larger items will be wrapped and/or padded prior to leaving the home. Furniture, Pictures, paintings, Art work, tv’s etc …. All smaller items will be wrapped and packed in boxes. When the truck is packed the load will be securely strapped for transport. With the limited movement and padding the risk if scratch, denting and breakage is minimal.

4. Are you licensed?

To professionally move household goods, you are required by law to have “Moving Authority” from each state you move to and from. This means you are registered with the department of transportation and consumer protection and your fees are listed and adhered to. You cannot negotiate your fees and must charge your hourly rate for the men and vehicles you use. The is no discounting or adding to the rate the only additional cost would be for packing material, I.E. bubble wrap, boxes and the time at the registered rate.

5. What should I do to make the move go as well as possible?

Most importantly is to be ready with all your items and make sure your closing date and time are set in stone. Make sure you have disconnected all appliances prior to the moving day and direct the crew as to where in the new home everything goes. We want to keep the process moving and momentum going forward as much as you do.


Moving Checklist

Experts recommend that starting the moving process two months in advance will give most people enough time to plan appropriately without causing too much stress.

Following this moving checklist will help keep things organized.

8 weeks before move:

  • Survey the contents of your home.
  • Call your child’s new school to see what records they will need, and ask where they should be sent.
  • Contact the old school to request the records needed for the new school.
  • Hire a realtor and get that house on the market.
  • When you select your new home, get pictures of each room and make a floor plan.

7 weeks before the move:

  • Call your local clothing and furniture donation stores and get the hours and pickup/drop off options.
  • Now the fun begins. Start going through your closets and get rid of things you don’t need or want anymore.
  • Contact the utility companies for the new and old home and arrange for service change on or around your move day.
  • Start to slow down with groceries, eat what you have and buy minimal things.

6 weeks:

  • Let your family and friends know where you’re going.
  • Get change of address forms from post office.
  • Not a very busy week, just preparing you for the weeks to come.

5 weeks:

  • Time to find a mover, or if you’re moving yourself, get a truck rented.
  • Call your insurance company; see what coverage you may have for hiring a mover or doing it yourself.
  • If you’re in an apartment, contact the manager and arrange for the use of the elevator.
  • Cancel or arrange for newspapers or magazines to be delivered to your new home.
  • The packing begins. Start packing any items that are not used very often.
  • Figure out what furniture you are keeping and what you are not. Start planning on ways to get rid of it.

4 weeks:

  • Fill out an IRS change of address form.
  • Start a list for everything that will be packed into your luggage, few outfits, deodorant, cell phone, or whatever else you may need for the first night in your new home.
  • Now you’ve contacted the utility companies already but did you remember the alarm company.

3 weeks: getting closer.

  • If you have children or pets, find someone that can take them for the move day.
  • How’s the packing coming along, don’t forget to check the attic, garage and basement.
  • Most plants don’t travel well in a moving van; think about giving them away or taking your chances.

2 weeks:

  • Most of your packing should be done by now. Find some volunteers (friends, family) for the last couple days before the move to finish up last minute packing.
  • Go out and have a little fun. Hang out with the neighbors or go to some local attractions that you may miss when moving.
  • Start a meal plan for the final week before the move; use up any food that’s left in the fridge or cabinets.
  • Don’t forget to return any movie rentals or library books.

1 week to go:

  • Most important thing this week, confirm the moving date and details with your moving company or rental agency.
  • Finish packing all the last minute items. Leave yourself a few things.
  • Look over all your packed boxes; make sure they are labeled properly.
  • One more swipe with the lawnmower or snow blower then drain the fuel for transport.
  • Defrost freezer and drain the water for transport.

You made it! It’s moving day:

  • Pack all last minute items
  • Unplug all of the appliances.
  • Don’t go into hiding stay involved in the process.
  • Lock all windows and doors.
  • Look over the bill of lading very carefully before the driver leaves.
A&A Movers has years of experience helping our clients pack, move and ship their belongings. We have been serving customers in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Southern New England for years.

With our time-honored commitment to client care, the A&A Movers team has the skills, experience and expertise required to get the job done. We will work closely with you to make sure your move is stress and worry free. At A&A Movers we never cut corners in our efforts to give you the very best service every time, guaranteed.

Our team has built a strong reputation in the industry for timely, safe and reliable moving, packing, shipping and storage solutions. Come find out why your neighbors and colleagues put their trust in A&A Movers.

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